1. Many business owners are just so busy they can’t see the forest for the trees. Altitude helps you look at your business from:

  • A strategic perspective

  • A customer perspective

  • And from your clear eyes

  1. Altitude adds more knowledge – our business experience and knowledge inject new skills when and where they are needed.

  1. It can be a lonely job owning a business; Altitude supports you and holds you accountable to achieve growth strategies for your business.  We can be tough on you but together we will get results.

  1. The Altitude approach has worked for many many businesses over the last eight years. Have a look at our results and testimonials page.

  1. Working with Altitude gives you someone to bounce ideas off who is experienced and not emotionally involved; you will receive unbiased advice based on fact and experience.

  1. At Altitude we are equipped to train and develop your team. We come into your company as professionals removing the tendency of the team to take what the owner or manager says for granted.

  1. As part of the Altitude community you have the opportunity to mix with likeminded business owners. The transfer of knowledge from other business owners is a huge benefit.

  1. Results, our results speak for themselves. Investing in Altitude is a clear step to improve the profitability of your business.  But don’t take our word for it look at the Client Results page on our website.

  1. Altitude goes beyond traditional business, advice, mentoring and coaching to become a 24/7 resource to you and your business. We are different and will be part of your team.

  2. Experience, in one way or another Brod Ivory has been growing businesses large, medium and small for over 30 years.  Brod’s experience adds huge value to Altitude clients.

For more information contact Brod- 0407 487 423  brod@altitudebusiness.com

                                                     or Leah- 0427 554 430  info@altitudebusiness.com 

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