Altitude Business Program
Uncover The Hidden Opportunities In Your Business


Brod has used his skills and experience with countless successful businesses, and now all his experience and talent is available for you to use. There’s no need to keep guessing or experimenting about how to make your business grow – instead you can rely on proven methods from an experienced advisor.

In a career going back four decades Brod Ivory has seen a lot of companies struggle to grow. More importantly, he’s worked with many of them as they break out and expand to their full potential. He knows what works and what doesn’t; he’s learned from experts, and refined those lessons with the results of his own huge experience. Combining hands-on knowledge with formal professional qualifications, Brod assists his clients to reach their goals of business and life success.

Brod Ivory is Business Advisor Officer to ambitious business owners wanting to scale their companies. Over the past four decades, he has helped hundreds of companies navigate the sometimes perilous journey of business growth.

Altitude Business Development Program

The Altitude Difference

  • Altitude Business Development is a trusted, professional and experienced 24/7 resource.
  • Partnering with business to provide a tailored service far beyond traditional advice/consulting/mentoring/coaching.
  • We seek to become part of your team.
  • We meet frequently with our clients and work with them directly to grow their business.

The Altitude Guarantee

  • We guarantee you will receive more of our attention than outlined in our agreement.
  • We guarantee to work with you in all areas of your business to help you succeed.
  • We guarantee to attend all meetings on time and to be prepared.
  • We guarantee to be available to you within 24 hours of you contacting Altitude.
  • Altitude is a resource to your business and will become a valued member of your team – providing knowledge, assisting with implementation and working for growth.

The Altitude steps to a profitable business future

Step 1. We unlock your potential by a detailed analysis of your current position and review of your business goals

Step 2. Your goals are documented into a workable straight forward plan that you can use daily

Step 3: Great people in your business are a huge asset, we work with you to review the skills of your team and help you recruit new team members correctly

Step 4: Knowing your numbers is a business imperative Altitude reviews your budgets, cash flow, accounts and financial KPI’s.

Step 5: We will show you how to make your marketing spend an investment not a cost. Plus we will improve your marketing impact.

Step 6: No time to get things done, we assist you to manage your time and improve your personal effectiveness.

Step 7: Great customer service is the mark of great companies. We review your current service levels and move you to even higher levels.

Step 8: Leverage is the key to doing more with less. We guide you to understand leverage and to move your business to new heights.

Step 9: As we work together we help you become an effective Leader who can use your Leadership skills in business and life.

Step 10: At Altitude we meet face to face with our clients and become a trusted resource and advisor. We are always there when you need assistance, accountability and encouragement.

Additional opportunities: As part of the Altitude program you can take advantage of our Workshops, covering such topics as: sales, team building, marketing etc. Also there will be other business/networking opportunities and these will be advised as they occur.

Altitude is experienced in, and able to assist you with:

• Goal Setting & Focus Team Member Recruitment at all levels
• Strategic Planning Team Planning & Leadership
• Business Planning Accountability and Implementation
• Marketing/Advertising Setting Budgets and KPIs
• Sales Training Systems & Processes
• Personal Growth Off Site Facilitation