Growth Tips

Here are a few tips, thoughts and ideas that may benefit your business.

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Confidence and Courage

To set and work toward any goal is an act of courage. When we exercise the courage to set and act on goals that are connected to principles and conscience, we tend to achieve positive results. Over time, we create an upward spiral of confidence and courage. Eventually, our integrity is not even an issue. We build the courage to set increasingly challenging, even heroic goals.

This is the process of growth, of becoming all we can become

The power of principle-based goal setting is the power of principles – the confidence that goals we set will create quality-of-life results, that our ladders are leaning against the right walls. It’s the power of integrity – the ability to set and achieve meaningful goals regularly, the ability to change with confidence when the ‘best’ become the ‘good’.

It’s the power of the 4 human endowments working together to create the passion, vision, awareness, creativity and character strength that nurture growth.

To access this power is to create the upward spiral that empowers us to continually put first things first in our lives.

The 4 human endowments are – Physical, Social, Mental, Spiritual

Fulfilling the four needs in an integrated way is like combining elements in chemistry. When we reach a ‘critical mass’ of integration, we experience spontaneous combustion- an explosion of inner synergy that
ignites the fire within and gives vision, passion and a spirit of adventure to life.

Remember, written goals are 10 times more likely to be achieved

  1. Know what you want
  2. Have a step by step plan
  3. Work out by when and by whom.
  4. Focus on getting results
  5. Get better at what you do
  6. Reward yourself, your team and your family.