About Brod Ivory

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About Brod Ivory

Brod Ivory combines extensive professional qualifications with a truly awesome collection of experience earned at the sharp end, there isn’t a lot he doesn’t know about how to lift a company to new heights.

With a career that’s already spanned four decades, Brod has seen it all. He’s worked with businesses that range from local tradies to giant multinationals in Australia and internationally. His work has taken him into practically every sector of the economy. Along the way he’s watched people try a lot of things that worked, and a lot that didn’t.

What this has taught Brod is that turning the business you have into the one you dream of is all about people. Whether it’s finding the right people and putting them in the right seat, persuading people to do give their custom to you and not your rivals or making people so happy with your service they just can’t stop telling their friends about it, people are what matters most.

Technicians can handle machinery and managers are good at running processes, but to get the most from people it takes a leader. Brod Ivory is a true leader, and he teaches the people he works with how to become leaders too. After that, where they go is up to them – but they have leadership skills to take their teams with them.

Brod’s knowledge can take YOUR business to heights you never imagined.

Why Brod Ivory will assist your Business to Prosper.

Over the past 25 years, Brod has:

  • Extensive experience helping large and small businesses to grow and prosper.
  • An International corporate career working with diverse businesses in different cultures.
  • Leadership roles in well know Australia public companies.
  • Strong belief in ethical Corporate Values.
  • Hands on experience working with business owners and their teams at the coalface.
  • Huge knowledge and experience gained from great teachers and mentors over many years.
  • Marketing and Leadership qualifications plus significant practical experience gained over many years.
  • Wide General Management, Operational, Team Leadership, and Marketing expertise.
  • CEO of a growing SME, where a new business was developed and another acquired.
  • Current CEO of KK Technical Services a fast growing family business based in Sydney and operating nationally.
  • Author of “Lesson from a Chief Business Advisor”