Clients Say

We are very proud of our long-term professional business relationships that we have developed with each of our clients.

Here’s what they have to say:

Christine Holm – Owner and Finance Director – Hoisting Equipment Specialists Pty Ltd

Brod Ivory assisted our company for 3½ years both as a business specialist and then as CEO. During this time HES implemented many, many positive initiatives that would not have happened without Brod’s guidance and expertise. Working with Brod we acquired another business and opened a startup Winch business, both of which are proving very successful. Additionally, Brod brought a management & marketing focus to our company that will serve HES into the future and make us a far better business. Brod’s involvement with HES has been a great learning experience for the team.  We now know what it takes to run a successful business.

Paul & Brooke Sommers- Owners- Sommers Renovations and Bathroom Bits

We are so pleased that we took the plunge and signed up with Brod Ivory  almost 2 years ago now. It was a huge decision and a big cost to our small business, but it’s certainly one that has paid off tenfold.

Brod has given us the tools, confidence and support to take our business to the next level and then beyond. We are so grateful for his expertise and knowledge and how he applies it to our specific business.

We love Brods open door policy. Our interactions are not limited to our fortnightly meetings but he always available on the phone, email or face to face at the time we need the help or answers.

Before we started using Brod we were a ‘2 man band’ struggling to get the work done, find more work and pay the bills…..we never imagined paying ourselves an actual wage and just lived off what was left (if any!). Now we run 7 full time employees and pay ourselves every week.

Brod has been invaluable in helping us create a clear vision for our business and plan for the future. We would not hesitate in recommending him to any business wishing to take the next step and are so grateful that he’s an asset to ours.

Elle Gerasimou-Owner- Heavenly Retreat

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I know you said  you make yourself available to your clients but you have dragged me up that business hill by the scruff when I couldn’t see the road ahead.

In the short time we have worked together I am seeing the fog lift and I’m very excited to walk down a successful road.You have gone way above my expectations and I just want you to know that I appreciate the time and support you have given me and my business.

Looking forward to working with you in 2015.

Miles Campbell – Managing Director – Teacher Training Australia

Brod Ivory has been a great resource for the building of our business. He became involved at a crucial time as we were growing very fast, and quickly needed to implement several elements at a level where we lacked experience. Brod helped us to build and develop in the areas of Admin, HR, Accounting, OH &S, Recruitment, Marketing, and most importantly strategy planning. Brod’s experience and wisdom, combined with his enthusiasm to see us do well meant that he offered us great value at a critical time. I would strongly recommend his services to any small business that wants to grow and become profitable.

Dr Mary Casey – CEO – Casey Centre

In May 2010, we sought professional assistance from Brod Ivory to help us identify gaps in our processes in order to facilitate our growth successfully. Although our company has been very successful for the past 17 years and we have very good processes in place, there were gaps in our system that led to problems that we constantly struggled to clarify and overcome. With Brod’s assistance and guidance, we identified the areas that we needed to improve and as a result we also implemented additional systems that are now running smoothly.
In my role as Director and owner of the company, I was continually being involved with the day to day activities which did not allow me to spend my time more effectively on the business. With our new systems in place this has changed and other people are now accountable for these activities. I feel much more in control and up to date with all areas of my company. Brod has been an integral part of our company for eight months and has provided us with effective strategies and tools that we use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Brod’s services to anyone wanting to increase their business, reduce their stress levels and have a firm grip on every part of their company.

Chris Brown and John Tripodi – Directors of HQ Constructions

HQ Constructions is a medium size business that specialises in commercial construction. We began working with Brod Ivory in March 2009,in this time our business has experienced dramatic growth. Brod has assisted HQ by working with us to put in place a structure that ensures our growth is profitable. We now have in place new systems and processes, a larger more productive team, new marketing and advertising initiatives, a great website, an updated brand and strong plans for the future. Most importantly HQ is producing considerably greater profit. Brod holds us accountable to focus on those strategies that will produce growth. We would highly recommend Brod to other business owners who want to achieve more from their business.

Dr. Mark Ragg – Director, Ragg Ahmed Health and Communications Consultancy Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health, University of Sydney

Ragg Ahmed Communication has worked with Brod Ivory for more than 18months, and in that time we’ve changed from a home-based business to agrowing national and international consultancy. Brod has given us skills, demanded accountability and pushed us with asking ‘well, what’s next?’, while respecting our particular goals and business culture. And we’ve enjoyed it.

Voytek Kawecki – Managing Director – Javelin Associates, Project Planning and Control Services

For me having Brod Ivory’s assistance is like having an active partner who supports me to grow my business. For years I was trying to do it myself with advice from other associates however that did not work. Working with Brod Ivory has changed my business for the better. I only have one complaint; I wish he had called me ten years earlier.

Sue-Ellen Tange and Mark Preston – Directors – Vision Home Building Services Pty Ltd

We have found that running a business can be a difficult and lonely job at times and there are times when a second opinion or an impartial point of view can be very useful. Our company chose to engage Brod Ivory to enhance our business and assist us witha new direction. Brod has become an asset to our business bringing with him a wealth of information and enthusiasm which has in turn renewed our commitment and given us stronger focus. We have been working with Brod for over 6 months now and have found his help invaluable when setting marketing strategies, cash flows, testing and measuring and implementing these. As a result, we now realise the importance of working “ON” our business rather than“IN” our business. This will eventually enable us to spend less time in the office and more time with our families. We would not hesitate in recommending Brod Ivory to assist other businesses to achieve their goals.

Richard Conroy – Managing Director – Sydney Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

We have been working with Brod Ivory for several months and are thrilled with his service and the growth our business has already achieved through his expertise. Brod is professional, “hands-on”, and results-oriented. His extensive business knowledge, along with his guidance and constructive criticism, is a valuable resource in achieving our business goals.

Glenn Sheriden – Director – Cronulla Removals

Since Cronulla Removals has been assisted by Brod Ivory our business has moved forward in leaps and bounds. From our first alignment meeting we realized we had no goals and no direction. Our thinking has changed dramatically. We are now going forward with new premises and branching out into storage. Through Brod’s help and direction we have learned to manage our business by the numbers. We now run a budget and market the company more professionally. We test and measure everything we do, which helps monitor our performance and avoids waste. We recently upgraded our meetings from fortnightly to weekly due to the value and benefits we place on our meetings with Brod. My words when I first joined were “I can’t afford you but I can’t afford not to have you”. Our fees for Brod have been more than recovered and we wouldn’t be where we are today without Brod Ivory.

Muriel Dalmasso – General Manager – The Casey Centre

I have attended several workshops facilitated by Brod. Every time, I have been able to take away concrete strategies which have had immediate positive effects on our business. He makes the sessions compelling, fun and interactive. Brod’s workshops are definitely worth attending if you want to move your business forward.

Sifet Kamenjasevic

Thanks Brod. Can i just say these seminars have been fantastic and very useful to me. The topics you cover are excellent, extremely relevant, and I dare say it – you make some of the boring topics interesting too! I would (and do) highly recommend these sessions and will be sure to recommend your services too. Great work, and thank you!

Yvonne Marston – Administration Manager

Thank you Brod for another great seminar on Tuesday evening. Your seminars are a great and very timely reminder on ways to grow our business. I have now taken a fresh look at our marketing strategies and putting some new ideas, gleamed from Tuesday night, into place. Thank you for sharing your business acumen; your seminars are interactive, challenge our thinking, and are enjoyable. I have recommended both your services before, and will continue to do so.

Cassandra and Andrew Hunnam – Garden Crew

Brod Ivory is an amazing business motivator. He has the business experience and enthusiasm to grow your business and move it to the next level.

Colin Brown – Worksafe Apparel

We have been working with Brod Ivory since June 2011. During this time we have implemented many of the Altitude  initiatives as well as using Brod’s experience to review and improve our own Policies and Procedures. This has helped us increase our sales by 37% YTD as well as improving our profitablity. I strongly endorse Brod Ivory and recommend them for creating your business success.

Kylie Mayer – Mayhem Corp.

My business needed some fine-tuning, we were working our tails off and not making enough profit. Very quickly Brod was able to pin point our issues. He identified our profit leak and how to stop it, improving sales growth, reducing costs and adding to our business expertise. He has been a super asset to call on when we have needed an objective ear or when we needed documents reviewed that could mean winning new business. Brod is big on the numbers and will keep moving the bar on you, pushing you harder. We can happily say that.

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