Raving fans are customers who are so over the moon with you that they not only tell all their friends and colleagues about you, they actually bring them to you and help you to sell things to them.

It’s a frightening fact of business life in Australia that we spend six times more to attract new customers to our businesses than we do to up-sell, on-sell and generally over service our existing customers so that they stay our customers and don’t leave us and go to our competition. Just to add another frightening fact, 68% of customers who leave a company do so simply because of a perceived indifference, you actually didn’t do anything wrong, the customer just thought you didn’t care enough!

How do you show you ‘Didn’t care enough’? Well, it can be in many different small ways, you forget to thank them, remember their name, offer that extra little bit, suggest that accessory which would be perfect or any one of dozens of other little perceived indifferences that your competition can capitalize on.

Here are some simple tips that you can introduce in your business today which will help you to keep your customers coming back, bringing their friends with them and generally shouting your name from rooftops telling people why, if they’re not dealing with you, they’re missing out on something wonderful!

  • Send them thank you cards

  • Sell them everything they need to gain maximum benefit from the purchase

  • Use their name frequently

  • Call them up just to make sure everything is going well

  • Invite them to special sales just for a privileged few, exceptional clients

  • Call them up when something new arrives in stock that you know they would like

  • Ask them for their suggestions as to how you could improve your service to them

  • Follow up & follow up again

  • Under promise and over deliver

None of this is difficult, it starts with you and you must lead by example because your team does everything you do.

If you care for your customers they will care for you and help you to grow your business.

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