To be meaningful,any change in life or in business has to be dramatic. Minor change is easy to accomplish but results in only minor differences. To increase the sales in your business by say 150% in 3 Months will take massive changes in both your thinking and the way you do things.

In order to HAVE anything in life we all recognise that we have to DO something to achieve it.If you want wealth you must invest. If you want love you must first give it. If you want respect you must earn it. No matter what you want, you need to DO in order to HAVE.

But DOing is not the only thing you need to change in order to HAVE. You must BEcome the person who would HAVE the things or persona that you desire. You must develop the identity, beliefs and values that the person who has those things has. We’ve all heard of the Lotto winner who within 3 years, Lost the several million he won. He didn’t BEcome the “millionaire”.

Let’s talk a bit about BEcoming. Everyone has an identity that they develop, usually at a very young age. That identity has values and beliefs that can limit you. Perhaps you believe that customers are always looking for a discount. You will attract that sort of customer to your business because of your beliefs. Maybe you believe that business owners are greedy. What do you suppose you will be when you own your own business?

In order to HAVE something like a million dollars, you have to develop the beliefs and values of a millionaire, and believe me they have an identity that needs to be copied. In fact it is said that you will earn + or -10% of the earnings of the three people you associate with the most. Why?Because you develop the values and beliefs of these people.

Business is no different.

In order to HAVE amazing customers, and amazing businesses need amazing customers,you must develop your business into one that will attract amazing customers.                                                    What is an amazing customer? It is specific to your business. Only you can define for yourself the characteristics of your amazing customer. Perhaps it includes a customer who always pays cash. Maybe one who sends you lots of referrals. You must identify who your amazing customers are and what these customers want. You must know how these customers shop. You must BE the place where these customers want to shop.

And the same is true of an amazing business. It is one where your amazing customers shop. It consistently delivers more than your customer expects. The amazing business attracts these amazing customers.

Once you are the business, then you must DO the things that make these customers know what the perfect business will do for them. Imagine, if you will, an owner of a Jaguar leaving his automobile at the local garage that looks as though it’s never seen anything better than a 64 VW Combi. Not likely! If you want the customer to come to you, you must BE the business to which he will come.

If you are the person or business that attracts the people in your ideal target market then they will come.

Just remember you must BE as well as DO in order to HAVE.






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