Clients Results

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These business owners are pleased they did!

  • Display company tripled profit in 2010. Expanding overseas.
  • Communication company revenue growth of 300% in 2 years.
  • Demolition company revenue will double in 12 months.
  • Retail business 20% compounding growth each year since 2009.
  • Technology company 43% growth in client numbers in 2010.
  • Accountancy firm doubled profit 2009 to 2010.
  • Construction company 122% growth in 18 months.
  • Advertising business 17% increase in profit.
  • Media company 30% growth.
  • Retailer new factory, new partners, new team members, more profit.
  • Removals and Storage company 500% increase in trading profit.
  • Apparel supplier 20% profit growth.
  • Demolition company finalist in My Business Awards.
  • Marketing company 50% growth year on year.
  • IT company developed a strong niche with resulting profitable growth.
  • Courier company re-organising for further expansion.
  • Industrial company 18% profit growth.
  • Recruitment company doubling their business.
  • Security company 30% growth.
  • Medical specialist business reorganised and growing strongly.
  • Bathroom renovation business goals, new processes, growing strongly.
  • Technical services company expanded to new premises and employing new sales team.

Altitude clients are growing revenue and profit, opening new businesses, employing fantastic team members, reducing their stress, have more time and are ready for further growth.

Retaining a professional Business Advisor/Mentor is about achieving results for your business and for yourself.

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Communications Consultancy
$327k to $1.1m. No. team members 1 to 6. Now quoting and winning huge jobs and developing new divisions. Client for 3 years.

Building Company
$4m to $8m team doubled now pushing to $10m. Client for 2.5 years.

Display Company
$700k to $2.4m now sourcing from China. Client for 2.5 years.

Demolition Company
$1.6m $2.8m, debt paid down, new larger clients. Profit from a loss to over $650k. Client for 15 months.

Removals Company
Revenue up 30%, new factory, new business, now profitable. Client for 3 years.

Profit up 17%, setting up two new businesses. Client for 20 months.

IT Company
60 to 100 clients, sales will hit $1.8m from $1.2m in 2011 fin year. Growing strongly. Client for 2.5 years.

Project Planning Company
$500k to $800k working on major infrastructure projects in Australia and overseas. Client for 3 years.

Profit 20% year on year, store revamped, taken market share from others, top ranking web site. Debt paid down. Moving into eCommerce.

$400k to $650k, new team, new process, new website, new IT structure. Client for 2 years.

New factory, new partners, 20% growth in profit, purchased another business. Client for 3 years.

Home Service Company
Systems and processes on track to $10m at 15% net. Worked with this client for 8 months.

Ecommerce Company
Plus 30%, business extended, new partner. Recently sold two parts of the business for good profit. Client for 2 years.

Marketing Company
New client pushing to achieve 50% increase in trading profit.

Air-Conditioning Company
With 3 divisions looking to double revenue over the next 18 months. New client.

Security Company
New client working on growth, systems and processes.

Growth comes from team work, knowing the numbers, making good decisions, having the right team members, implementing great strategies and working hard on the right things.